Sand Pot Maintenance Skills

- Aug 01, 2018-

1. Just bought the casserole need to deal with, such as using rice water to boil, you can prevent the casserole in the use of the burst.

2. The first use of the casserole when the need to use a small brush to the wall of a lot of small sand brush off, to prevent the sand fell into the food. 

3. Newly bought casserole, often leaking, this is because there are many sand holes for the sake. New pot for the first time when used, it is best to do noodle soup or gruel, after eating, first do not brush the pot, put it on the stove side roast, so that the batter dry pot, blocking the wall of those tiny sand holes, and then wash.In this way, the casserole will not leak. 

4. When boiling can not be cold, if you need to add water, but also to add hot water, so as to avoid hot and cold shock, reduce its service life.