Pan Product Features

- Aug 01, 2018-

1. Exhaust vents allow excess steam to be discharged, so that the pressure inside the sealed pot will not exceed the limit, while ensuring that the pot is absolutely safe to use.

2. Due to the tight pot, resulting in oil and steam residues in the pot inside, when you open the pot body, these aggregates will drip on the grease drip plate, so that no stubborn stains and smell, easy to clean, and no mess! 

3. Both sides can be cooked-just put the fish in the pan-let it fry on one side, then flip on the other side to continue frying.

The outer layer of the fish is cooked just right and the inner layers are soft and juicy. 

4. Never escape oil droplets-magnetic locks can be tightly sealed, not afraid of the food of oil drops contaminated with cooking places.